Keep Making Their Heads Bob

from by Glen Reynolds aka Grey

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I was really happy with the lyrics on this one. I wanted to capture how I felt when I was 19-20 going to my first really big local band shows in Dallas. It was an amazing time when people would slam dance at just about any show they were passionate about. I watched Tim Dalaughter, Peter Schmidt, and Vaughan from COE and was just blown away. That was the goal of this track- to portray the feelings of total excitement I had going to those shows in the early 90's.


As you rush up to the front gate
Your greatest fear is you are late
You get in line at the front end
Thank God they haven't let them in
You're whispering to your best friend
Pass me a cup of the straight gin
A nervous din lifts from the crowd
"They must've finished the sound check now!"
Attendants start checking wristbands
(This is the wait that you can't stand)
Push to the front of the line
Save time as the alkaline
In your stomach burns as the first chords churn
This is happening NOW!!!

Just keep on making their heads bob

You part the crowd like the Red Sea
Your only goal is the front seats
Feeling their fists on the surface
Deep down inside you deserve this
Hands grip the stage as your swaying
Now know what the singer's saying
Steam rises up from the mosh pit
Weaving in time to the snare hits
Time seems to stop in the moment
The band the clockwork component
The only ones that can save my soul
With this rock n' roll
We are all the same this is not a game anymore...
We are not alone.

Just keep on making their heads bob.


from Rock This! EP, released October 19, 2013
All instruments by Glen. Mixed by Glen. Mastered by Glen.



all rights reserved


Grey Dallas, Texas

Glen Reynolds, or Grey, is featured on the Talib Kweli single Push Thru with Kendrick Lamar and Curren$y. More recently he sang on Vinny Cha$e's "Breaking Dawn". He can be found on twitter as @glensky_ For inquiries about how to add Grey on a hook to one of your songs, contact him via the above twitter account. ... more

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